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A fat obese dude who is funny but ignorant at times. However, if goes tryhard he can do whatever he wants, for getting the girls to dissing retards. If he is your friend or BF, you are half lucky as you have a great mate who eats all your food.
My partner is a Jathusan, he's so smart.

That boy is massive but can smash you in everything.
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a fat tamil idiot who has been single his whole life and dont give a shit bout school. He loves photography and stealing peoples money. He never picks up the phone and always makes you wait outside for hours cause he takes a big dump. always has a dead trim and loves rishis sister
oi jathusan you tamil
by hamzateewiz May 10, 2018
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A fat tamil idiot with an IQ lower than the food he eats. He spends all his money on his mommys credit card on all his games he can feel good about himself. He still has 0 solo wins in fortnite and gets carried all the time cause he is trash at the game. He only gets boys and is so bent it looks straight. He masturbates to his collections of skins. He is so fat that he takes 2 seats at the movie theater and will break any chair he sits on. His vocabulary is that of a 9 year old that plays roblox and watches ninja.
Me - Jathusan how much money you spent on fortnite?
Jathusan - Idk, I spent so much I cant count it.
by notryanyu October 19, 2018
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