A mix of judge and hater. When you make a hurtful opinion about something while simultaneously feel a dislike to it.
Jim totally was such a jater to Clarissa

Mark was a jater to Harry Potter.

Patrick, don't be a jater.
by NolenClairsure January 01, 2014
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Jaters suck. End of story.

Ew, look at that jater. Let's go tackle him.
by JonasLover4ever August 26, 2009
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Fans of the TV show Lost, who feel that Jack and Kate should end up together.

Derived from: *JA*ck and k*ATE* forev*ER*
Did you watch Lost last night? Jater haters be damned, Jack and Kate should totally hook up.
by Neilan March 13, 2008
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a girl who thinks all men are bastards, even the nice ones who may be drunk and call her a man hater but spell it wrong
I love hannah more than you kate, cos u are a man jater...dammit, a man hater
by Chazzy Baby July 08, 2004
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