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The most unique, beautiful and funny person alive. Always laughing, having fun, putting friends before others and very adventurous. Is a bit Romantically challenged but accepts things for the way things are. Open minded and a free thinker. Marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn't let anyone's words affect the way she feels.
I bought the whole series of Twilight. It was just such a Jassmine thing to do.
by Mhmmmyummyyummy May 31, 2010
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an extremly fat bitch dat sucks dick and always stank and her pussy smell like old stank'n ass 3 day old freezer burnd fish and usually has every disease on it and she always wear's cheap ass makeup to hide her ugly
-Man that bitch is nothin but a Jassmine!!!!!!!!
-Did u see that Jassmine that just walked pass us.
by de-boi January 11, 2008
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