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Jasjit is the Prettiest girl out there. She is funny and cute, she hates people who always have there mouth open. She is kind and lovely. When ever you need help just go to her. Once again she is the prettiest girl out there.
Omg Look How Pretty Jasjit Looks!
Isn't She Beautiful
by I know Everthing July 11, 2018
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One who is made fun of behind their backs. Someone who try's to act cool around others.
Don't call him over he's acting like a Jasjit
Why is this guy trying to act so tough, he's being a Jasjit
by PLAY ZEUS May 30, 2016
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A person who is literally the definition of badass. Someone who is insanely savage and usuall doesn’t give a f*#k about anyone or anything . Never loses at anything and does random epic stuff . Is extremely lucky . Can chug beers for days .always goes maximum send .Also has large genitals .
Damn , look at him and his big dong .he must be jasjit.
by Hapshi2000 November 10, 2018
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