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AN AMAZING BITCH! Keep her for as long as you can. Jarellys' are beautiful, smart, caring, kind, and determined girls. Jarelly will always be there, on your side. She is extremely smart, and very cute. She may be mean at times, but most like;y she is just upset about something that has happened. Don't let her shyness fool you, once you get to know Jarelly, she is a chill and outgoing person.
person 1: Hey, it's Jarelly! Yay!
by dishsoaphoe December 21, 2018
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someone who has parents that decided to torture their child by giving them a name that cannot be found in keychains,mugs, or anything. YAY PARENTS!
"hey look it's jarelly, what a weird name!"
by yayis August 21, 2017
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