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a person that does the same thing when they come here as one here would do if they were to go there: take pictures, speak in their native tongue (not because they are disrespectful or unintelligent, but because they are merely visiting and observing a foreign land in order to gain appreciation for it), and get made fun of by the uneducated.
I feel no need for posting a hateful example, but there is a requirement to put something here.
by Ashitaka February 25, 2004
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An Asian national that is visiting the United States. They typically carry cameras and take pictures of many things. They also have a tendency to jabber noisily in Asian languages. People find them a bit on the obnoxious side and tend to make jokes about them. Typically found on the West Coast of North America.
The Japanes Tourist took a picture of the seagull.
by JoesGeo November 05, 2003
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