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Stands for: Japanese Wannabe Hipster (J.W.H.)

A specific breed of Hipster who subconsciously follow Japanese fashion, sub-culture and/or pop-culture. They are often led into the trend without knowing it at first.
This mostly includes Non-asian/ semi-asian people.

Unlike Wapanese, Japanawannahipsters are not entirely indulged in Japanese culture or fandom. They may appreciate the culture, but would much rather seek out subtle trends. In fact, they may try to avoid wapanese or fanboy/girl association at all costs. They may deny interest in manga, anime or extreme Japanese fashion.

(More will be added along with specifics... but it exceeds the character count)
Japanawannahipster: Most of my clothes are from Uniqlo or Muji and I look exceptionally busy on public transportation or at parks as I flip through a novel or press the screen on my iphone incisively
by Pandaraffe December 23, 2009
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