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1. The girl you wake up next to in bed after a party and have no clue who she is. Closely resembling a Jane Doe, but still alive.

2. A single female or group of females you have never met in any fashion of social setting. "man I'm tired of the same crusty bitches in the hoeladex, we need to aquire us some fresh meat, some Jane-hoes.

ex2. them: " man I saw you leave the party with some chick last night, who was she?"

me: " I have no clue man, I woke up this morning and there was Jane-hoe lying next to"
ex.3. *while driving in a car* " man check out them fine Jane-Hoes on the corner!"
ex4. me:"man lest hit up (insert club name here) theres always a fine selection of Jane-hoes.
by Jollypanic2 November 17, 2010
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