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1. The girl you wake up next to in bed after a party and have no clue who she is. Closely resembling a Jane Doe, but still alive.

2. A single female or group of females you have never met in any fashion of social setting.
ex1.me: "man I'm tired of the same crusty bitches in the hoeladex, we need to aquire us some fresh meat, some Jane-hoes.

ex2. them: " man I saw you leave the party with some chick last night, who was she?"

me: " I have no clue man, I woke up this morning and there was Jane-hoe lying next to"
ex.3. *while driving in a car* " man check out them fine Jane-Hoes on the corner!"
ex4. me:"man lest hit up (insert club name here) theres always a fine selection of Jane-hoes.
by Jollypanic2 November 17, 2010

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