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1. Joe the Plumber's sister or possibly cousin, who is not a licensed prostitute, but considers herself a hard-working blowjob-giver who should not have to share her wealth.

2. A generic term for any prostitute particularly when used in political debates as a rhetorical device.
1. McCain: So, I hear that Mr. Obama over here was talking to Jane the Prostitute the other day. and said you wanted to share the wealth..

Obama: No! That was Sally the Dishwasher! Or possibly Jagadambika the Urologist!

2. McCain: Jane the Prostitue shouldn't have to pay such high taxes, and Mr. Obama over here would love to just tax away everything she earns.

Obama: But reguardless of any of that, Jane the Prostitute would benefit from my health care plan. And this is why...
by joe the writer September 07, 2010
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