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A Jamilet is like a one of a kind. It's personality is bubbly, funny, smart, and filled with a bunch of suprises. Very girly yet very boyish. Tries to make everyone happy or laugh. Fun to be around. Is a very helpful person. Has a bunch of stories behind her that doesn't seem to harm her at all. Very brave. Sometimes mean when you mess with her, yet very goodhearted . Don't try to pick up a fight with Jamilet. Is beautiful . Sometimes acts so weird. Popular . Always happy . Gets a lot of attention,yet she doesn't like that. Very shy... but if you meet her... BAAAAM! She is a crazy person just like that!

She is a very loving person. If she's out of your life forever, you are going to M-I-S-S HER !
Jamilet is one indescribable person !
by hart0230 January 19, 2013
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