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A generally fit and good looking lad, Muscular and usually a really sensitive and gentle boy who puts others in front of himself. Anyone friends with a Jamie are dead lucky as their lifetime friends.
"Did you see the new boy the other day?"
"Yeah he was helping a girl who fell over"
"Oh my he's such a Jamie (boy) ! I want him "
by WellOkayThen2446 June 23, 2017
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Jamie, jamie is a guy who is wonderful in all sorts of ways ,he Has big ambiatisons in life and big goals
I'm so happy I found a jamie boy
by THE PUSSSAYYY POTROL December 29, 2016
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A person who you can trust and always makes you laugh when your down and never puts himself first. Usually Chubby and has always got something to say. He always acts like a proper adult. If you have a Jamie don’t let him go
Look it’s jamie(boy) he’s so nice!!
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by Gwtv September 18, 2018
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