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Also referred to as J-Block. Regardless of its small size there is a large amount of pride from this town and every kid there could take on any Monroe Twp. kid easily.

Jamesburg is also home to many gang members including the wolf pack so it would be best if you didn't talk shit.

One misconception often made about Jamesburg kids is that they are retarded? This is not true at all, they are all extremely smart but the principal from GMB is the biggest ass burger you could ever meet and pretty much every student hated that woman's guts.

Another thing thought throughout nearby towns is that if you walk through Jamesburg you will get shot. This is not true at all. Almost all of the people from Jamesburg are very nice and the only way you'd get hurt is if you were some pansy ass bitch who likes to talk shit.

Basically Jamesburg is a great town with a lot of pride and if you know what's best you wont be talking shit unless you want to taste the curb.
Ima fuck yo pansy ass up Jamesburg style.
by DoctaJB June 03, 2009
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The poor part of New Jersey. Commonly referred to as the ghetto near monroe twp. The town has such a litttle amount of students that they have to go to monroe's high school. Most people think Jamesburg sucks. Also, theres alot of black people, and the cops there are dicks.
hey jamesburg... you suck!
by undurpantz July 11, 2005
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