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James Ruse Agricultural High School is a selective high school in Carlingford, Sydney, known primarily for their prowess in the Higher Schools Certificate. Their name is commonly contracted to 'Ruse'.

Having come first in the state for the HSC every year since 1995, over 60% of students achieve and UAI/ATAR of over 99.00, and in excess of 90% over 98.00. As a result, many myths have formed regarding James Ruse, their study habits and neurological functioning.

Despite these myths, students at James Ruse are perfectly normal, and achieve highly in various activities. James Ruse has frequently been the overall Hills Zone champion in the SSA sporting carnivals, as well as performed admirably in leadership, drama, music, and various International Olympiads. A ridiculous amount of school pride stems from these events.

About 99% of students at James Ruse are from a non-English speaking background, predominantly Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian and Sri Lankan.

James Ruse is on very good terms with NSG, NSB, SGS, PLC, SB, SG, Girra, Hornsby, Normo, Cherry Tech, Carlo High, Cumbo, Muirfield, Model Farms, and many more. Most famously, with Baulko. Love you guys :)
A: You didn't buy a house in Carlingford in anticipation that you'll get into James Ruse, did you?
B: I did. I got into Baulko.

A: I wish I went to James Ruse.
B: So do I.

A: I had a wonderful dream last night... I dreamt I made it into James Ruse.
B: I had a nightmare last night... I dreamt I didn't make it into James Ruse. Then I woke, and realised it was a reality.
A: FML, mate.

A: Are you a nuclear physicist? You must be from James Ruse!
B: No, I'm from Baulko. The James Ruse people are all doctors.

A: Hello, I'm from James Ruse.
B: I'm so turned on right now.

Common Myths about James Ruse:

- Ruse students are lifeless nerd who only know how to study.
False. Those are the year 12s; the rest are fine, for the time being.

- Eating is banned in the library, explaining their slim physiques.
True. We are all ridiculously sexy because of this.

- Ruse kids have never had girl/boyfriends.
False. There is a notorious spot behiind T1.5 that falsifies this point.

- Students anal douche cows in year 10.
False. Only the teacher demonstrates artificial insemination in agriculture.

- A favourite pastime is to sit in a circle and recite pi until someone drops out.
False. A majority of students only know pi as the natural constant specifying the ratio of the circumference to the diameter.

- The only sport Ruse students play is chess.
False. Shut up, chess isn't a damn sport.
by powerStation July 22, 2011
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