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The Great beast, The Raper of all that is Sacred.
Jalixtical Genius Faec
Eldrad Explodes due to Jalixtical Genius
"Dude, you Just got Jalix'ed"
*Freind is Crying hopelessly*

*Jalix Kicks a penny*
*Abbadon dies and Angron takes over*
by Fayulcaek October 13, 2011
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Jalix is the best girl you will ever meet. She’s loyal, funny, goofy, kind, beautiful, etc. She’s just everything you would want in someone. She’s so caring and understanding and is so loveable. But don’t be fooled. She’s super sassy and and has the best clapbacks. She can be tough as fuck and can hurt your feelings in a second. Just don’t do her wrong. Treat her right. If you have a Jalix, claim yourself to be the luckiest guy on earth. Everyone wants a Jalix. I mean who wouldn’t.
Sean- man dude I just want a girl like Jalix

Carl- don’t worry man, me too. We’ll find somebody like her someday

Sean- nah dude she’s one of a kind , irreplaceable. Best thing you’ll ever have

Carl- realest shit ever man, but not all of us can get that lucky. Whoever does get her, God reallt blessed them. Lucky as fuck !

Sean- sweaarrrr, he better treat her right

Carl- on me
by wildcatmeow November 24, 2018
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