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The state of mind and physical appearance assumed after finish a vast quantity Jagermeister. Usually characterized by loud exaggerated claims of physical/sexual prowess, wanton destruction of anything in the immediate vicinity, and the complete abandonment of any standards regarding the opposite sex.
"Dude did you see John turn into the Jagermonster last night? He told the entire party that he could jump rope with his dick, drop-kicked the front door off its hinges, then got head from the albino chick!"
by J.M.D.U. January 30, 2008
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when you get way drunk and make major mistakes from drinking jagermeister.
Dude the Jager Monster got me last night. Or come help me kill this Jager Monster in my Freezer.
by Sun Raindrop March 05, 2010
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1.) A cheaper (and tastier) version of the Jagerbomb where one substitutes Monster Energy drink in lieu of the Red Bull.

WARNING: Often leads to an inebriated state and regrettable decisions. In other words, this drink can turn you into a Jagermonster

2.) Can be used in the past participle -- The state of being one enters after multiple JagerMonster shots which can range from tipsy to fall-down drunk.
1.) "Let's throw back some JagerMonsters and get this evening started right!"

2.) "I'm so JagerMonster'd that I'd be willing to go home with you."
by StillDruckinFunk August 19, 2009
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