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A lovable fool. Some people say this word comes from French (jafoullè), but it is a modern phrase, and is unrelated to the French language. There are other variations of this word such as:
Naffooley: A really annoying person, who may have done something stupid or annoying to earn this title. naffoolies aren't at all lovable like jafoolies, just aggravating. Can also be used as an adjective i.e; "I can't believe our Head Teacher banned running in the playing field! It's so naffoolified!"

Rafooley: An genius. Many people who claim to be rafoolies are in fact naffoolies, and usually this is used when someone comes up with an awesome word to put in Urban Dictionary, or does something of the sort i.e;

Girl 1: "There's a gap in the market for tramp biscuits. They could be called HoboNobs!"
Girl 2: "You are such a rafooley!!"

An example of why you may be labelled a jafooley:

After Eve had sung the duck song for the fifth time it was getting annoying. It was funny now but if she sang it again there would have to be a naffoolification.
by Trampsformer June 14, 2011
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