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The boss of all, or so he thinks. He knows what he wants and wont take no for an answer. He is sweet and affectionate and knows how to use it to get what he wants. Hes tough but sensitive. Hes very friendly and can get along with almost anyone. He loves to talk.
Jaeven is the coolest boy you'll ever meet.
by Munkee73 April 11, 2010
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he is a meany that is always being sartastic nd rude . can be nice .... sometimes . but yeah .
why is jaeven being so mean
by aniouuppp August 4, 2019
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He’s the kind of guy you see at school and somehow can’t take your eyes off him. Yet you know that he probably caught on because of how he nonchalantly teases you about it. Sort of sarcastic and forward but also is inclusive and kind.
Person A “Who’s that guy going ham at Mario kart?”
Person B “Oh that’s Jaeven. Hi Jaeven!”
Jaeven “Hey, you guys wanna play? I’ll connect more controllers to the switch if you want?”
by marcsmalarky May 31, 2022
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