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A sexual position in which, when having sex with a partner doggystyle, you jackhammer the receiver so hard her head breaks a window, lamp, or other breakable object.
"I was having sex with my boyfriend and he gave me a Jade Dragon. He's coming over to fix my window tomorrow."
by d Kohls July 20, 2008
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1. a (borderline-)retarded person that contributes nothing to society and complains about anything and everything
2. a massive asshole
3. someone with an extremely small penis
4. a grown man with the mind and penis of a small child
5. shit, feces, or anything so unattractive it makes shit or feces bearable
"What's your problem? All you do is complain like a pathetic, whiny bitch. You're a real jade dragon."

"Hey, my genitals might be small, but at least they're not jade dragon small."

"I accidentally stepped in dog crap earlier today. My new shoes were covered in jade dragon."
by Doctor Abraham Lincoln December 06, 2013
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1. a very painful form of diarrhea, called jade because it is green in color
2. very unpleasant, pain, smelly diarrhea or feces, usually green or at the very least an odd shade of feces
3. a revolting bowl movement in general
4. painful feces one acquires after eating bad foreign food

"Let's never eat in that one Chinese restaurant again. I got home and covered the inside of my toilet with jade dragon."
crap diarrhea shit jade dragon
by ReallyBigFist December 28, 2013
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