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Jadalys is a puerto rican shorty. This girl is quiet, does't talk much, and shy BEFORE you get to know her. But when you become her friend you learn this girl is fucking WIIIILLLDD and LOUUUDD. She thick asf and is a whole baddie who get's all the guys. She is super fun to be around but can be stubborn , and a hypocrite sometimes and will not admit she's wrong. You do NOT wanna get on her bad side. She is a crazy bitch and will kill you. Don't mess with this Puerto Rican hottie.
There goes Jadalys, hide your man before he catches a glimpse of her!
by Jadalys June 17, 2018
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Mixed, funny and always make people laugh. Stick up for strangers. Dated plenty of sexy guys in high school. Usually has alot of siblings and has an older sister name that starts with an A. Help out no matter the situation. Dirty minded. Amazingly funny,weird and very attractive. And very mature and read plenty of books in a few weeks.😘
Dude, Jadaly is the hottest chick.
by Ms.Hotty January 06, 2019
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