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Jacorde/JAKRD is usually presumed to be a black guy. A jacorde is one of the funniest muthafuckas you’ll meet, either if it’s his lack of being able to spell or pronounce anything right, so he ends up creating words that are so wrong that they’re right. His laugh is one of his greatest traits that you can hear for the rest of your life and will stick to you like a girl does with a man that treats her wrong; his laugh is like when a black girl finds her best friend with hot Cheetos in the hallway before school starts and you just hear the echoing screams across the campus. A Jacorde is a loyal friend who will fuck up but he will make it up to you with a “you can punch me if you want” followed by an “I’m sorry, okay”? A Jacorde is hands down a friend that will be there for you whenever he can contact you with his iPhone 5.
“Did you hear that scream”?

Yeah it’s just Jacorde looking at memes
by KodaCDG June 24, 2019
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