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A combination of the name Jack and the word Action; used mainly when describing the extremely violent, but also fucking awesome actions of Jack Bauer from the television program “24”. It is also acceptable for use when referencing Jack Shephard from ABC’S “Lost”, because he is also disgustingly bad ass.
Example 1

Ernie: Yo did you see 24 last night?

Frank: Yes in fact I did.

Ernie: How bout when Jack stabbed that guy's face until he died.

Frank: Yea that was some serious Jacktion.

Example 2

Phil: Please tell me you watched Lost last night.

Eli: No actually I missed it.

Phil: Oh man you should’ve seen Jack, first he screamed at Locke and threatened to beat the shit out of him, then he murdered three people and then he topped it off by banging Kate.

Eli: So you’re telling me there was Jacktion.

Phil: Precisely.

by blandick February 23, 2009
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