Mother fuckin beast of all trades.
The badassest motherfucker alive. Ever.
All knowing of everything right and holy and kinky.
A sexy man beast.
Holy shit donna look at that jacksmith over there.
regional noun
plural noun: jacksmith

1. Loud, raucous laughter with physical effects.
2. To be in a state of hysterical laughter without stopping, where your sides hurt.
"Oh no, Ryan's in a Jacksmith!"

"That comedian had me in a right Jacksmith!"
by Derbyshire Linguist September 3, 2022
a true giant amongst men, he is always the spark amongst dull company and a man other men look up to. A leader, inspiration and visionary, often found in call centre environments, a Jacksmith is the jack the lad, the lady killer and the one with the gallo's humour. Truly loved by one n all
I used to be a Jacksmith in my younger days, but i leave that to the pretty boys nows
by wordsmithguru July 31, 2015