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Mother fuckin beast of all trades.
The badassest motherfucker alive. Ever.
All knowing of everything right and holy and kinky.
A sexy man beast.
Holy shit donna look at that jacksmith over there.
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One who wears satchelled pants in which he can dump his masturbatory discharged. Jack smiths usually wear specially designed satchel pants which allow easy access to the penis at any time. A typical Jack Smith would usually have bed time set around 8pm and have regular “naps” (masturbation sessions) throughout the day, “The early bird catches the worm”. Typical quotes from a Jack Smith would be – Nice pic ains, v. Nice tshirt mike and women aren’t funny.
"hey steve where did cliff go?"
"he says he's gone for a shave but we both know he's really gone for a "jack smith"
by ProudFeet2 January 29, 2009
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A person that has AIDS, usually referred to as a JACKSMITH, it also means he has a huge penis
wow, surely he's jack smith
by Ljubljana October 17, 2016
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