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A large collection or producer of content leading to masturbation,masturbation for extended periods of time
"Man I bought that new Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition magazine all night I was at jackcity," Teenage boy.
by CosmicKing March 03, 2015
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A city or town where theft is the most occurring crime
Damn everybody house got hit? I swear we in jack-city.
by Yahwehtheboyyy July 29, 2019
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A place where a roided out male can try show off his douchey attributes. Generally has a notebook out with tallies so everyone can see how many 'pull ups' (they werent pullups) he did. Oftentimes another page will have the same amount of tallies for self pleasuring because JackCity is a lonely place.
Welcome to JackCity; where I am my own queen.

JackCity is the worst. When I cry the roids just leak out.

JackCity; where the loneliness is only overdone by the amount of 'Chad'.
by A Minnesotan December 19, 2018
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To have sexual relations with someone, to strike or hit someone, to steal something off someone
What did you do last night? Barbera came over and we Jack city'd. I dont like Frank, next time I see him i might just Jack City him right in the face.
by Z June 11, 2003
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