a term used by minors to avoid cursing around their parents when referring to the tv series Jackass
Hey mom! Can I go see the new Jackbutt movie that came out on Friday?
by MalcolmfromSD December 25, 2007
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Replacement for jackass, with one qualification: It sounds very... gay.
What a jackbutt...no, I don't mean he's an ass-f**ker .. -_-
by Biographer October 04, 2006
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same as jack ass, but without the "naughty word".. use in front of children to avoid their parents pasting you one. entertaining when combined with "fucking"... thus defeating it's whole purpose.
person 1:"i only listen goth music because i am too goth for anything else."
person 2:"shut it, you're such a fucking jack butt."
by goof balls October 20, 2005
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1) A replacement for the word jackass
2) a inside joke that is often formed between a group of friends when they have a mutual friend named jack, especially if he's a total Jackass or he mistreats girls
1)Greg: My science teacher is a total jackbutt!
Bill: Dude that is such a sixth-grade thing to say!

2) Anne: So Jack's my friend and all but he's being a total Jackbutt! I mean he Kissed Nicolebut he doesn't even like her!!!! What a Jackbutt! No offense to Jack's butt.
by ooooooooooooogaboooga February 04, 2007
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a butt who acts like a real JACK... or a JERK
stop being such a jackbutt
by smilie face November 18, 2003
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