One who tries to explain him or her self to a Jackass.

One who has to try to make sense of even the simplest concepts to someone else (a.k.a the Jackass).
Becky: So Joe, how did the management meeting go?
Joe: Pretty much same old, same old.
Becky: So did John go over the org chart again?
Joe: Of course. The first hour of the meeting was spent by John explaining his choices of the color of the arrows, thickness of the lines, and font used for each subordinate level.
Becky: (sounding aghast) You've got to be kidding!
Joe: Yeah it's true. Vince tried to point out to him that there might be bigger issues to discuss but finally gave up. He told me later that he is sick of being the Jackass Whisperer.
by Your Eminence January 14, 2014
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