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Those supporting the Washington State University cougars who exhibit obnoxious behavior, arrogance and smack talk but did not attend the school. Most of these fans didn’t go to college and only have semi-retarded friends who attend WSU. They may also leverage a family connection (i.e my brother didn't get into UW so he went to WSU, therefore I have the right to talk smack about the Dawgs and act like a tool) to justify the poor, classless behavior. Ironically, it’s typically the Jack-Cougars who get the most defensive, trash talk the most about the University of Washington Huskies and respond with shouting of uneducated expletives.
Emily Spring is such a Jack-cougar. She couldn't even get into community college but still talks shit about the Dawgs
by realdawgfan March 10, 2011
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