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Jack Wilson is a fucking champaroo. There is no one cooler than him. He has a gay brother named Matty who is not cool. Jack strives to achieve greatly at his school and loves English class. He is a fucking legend. He has a massive cock aswell. Jack also loves James Chapman who is his best friend.
Holy shit did you see Jack Wilson the other day? That champaroo had his dick tied around his body like a belt.
by Champaroo February 14, 2019
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Quarter back on of the football team. A straight up baller. Has thing for tall brunettes. Loves the show Breaking Bad. You don't want to mess with a Jack, it can get pretty ugly. They commonly have bromances. They typically don't know how to talk to girls, but enjoy grabbing asses.
Girl1: who's that fag?

Girl2: dat ain't nofag just Jack Wilson.
by 2muchswag4u September 16, 2013
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