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This name May have an unpleasant meaning in bangali, but her sweet and thoughtful personality as well as her adorable face defines her name differently.
Jaciya did you complete ur bio assignment?
Awwww jaciya u look soo cute

Jaciya would u like to use my rubber? ;)
by LazyQueenie September 27, 2018
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Jaciya: (n) loud creature at first. Uniquely beautiful, a Jaciya remarkably difficult to come by, and those lucky enough to encounter one should be aware that this will likely be their only chance to do so.

-Outwards appearance is generally described as funny, notable features include small brown eyes that seem to search the very depths of your soul, and a smile that will claim your heart forever. Once seen, the face of a Jaciya is impossible to forget.

-A sense of humor is a defining trait of a Jaciya, and is seemingly unique to this species. The Jaciya seems to find any way to create laughter and good feeling where all else fails.

-Equally comfortable in large or small groups, the Jaciya is not picky with company, but to said company is absolutely indispensable.

-A strong, self assured creature, the Jaciya is never arrogant, but similarly has a sense of self worth and respect lacking in most other creatures.
A jaciya is very unforgettable.
by Selena Wyatt May 15, 2017
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