A kind of hellishly clever and impressively self-sustained individual who leaves people torn between two desires – wanting to punch him in the face and wanting to be him. A Jacek always does exactly as he pleases, following a peculiar code of conduct (one that he makes up as he goes along). Despised and worshipped by many, understood by no one. He is likely to outsmart, outwork and outlive us all.

Jacek is also a popular first name among small, adorable, prickly animals such as hedgehogs and baby porcupines; the latter group tends to outgrow the name.
A naive person: “I thought we were great friends, but I can see that you’re being a proper Jacek about this cheese rolling contest.”

Mrs Hedgehog: “Jacek Jr please stop playing with your feces. It’s unseemly. Wait till your dad gets home and hears about this.”
by unwilling participant March 26, 2017
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the guy who has got it all. the guy who will get it soon or later. catch the dream.
Dont know what to do? call jacek, inc.
by jacek November 04, 2004
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The hottest human being on the planet. Sexiest man alive. Thickest man alive. You definitely want to fuck him.
Person 1: MHMMMM I wanna fuck Jacek so bad.
Person 2: Bro same.
Jacek Blaszynski: Come get it then.
by Jacek’s Lover August 28, 2019
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