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A girl very well known for being a slutty whore. Someone who will fuck just about anyone anytime without protection, and without payment. Also known as a filthy cum dumpster
I was at this party last night, and this slutty girl was spreading her legs to everyone, she was the middle of one massive fuck fest....everyone had a turn, she was a total Jabboa.

yo homie, you better think twice about banging that jabboa, she's got one hell of a gapping, dripping, fishy pussy
by daveycrockitmothafucka April 12, 2009
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A group of boys and 1 girl that don't look like they should not be friends but in the desperate times they become friends as all their other classmates are nerdy miss fits with big boi dom sucking up the chair in his mega ass crack or special ed singing the Mario theme tune to himself. A Jabbo group would need to be filled with a posh tea drinking chav who is the loudest eater you'll ever hear, A socially awkward boy who walks like a penguin, an aggressive cunt whos a huge fuckboy as he flirts with anyone and everyone despite having a girlfriend just in case his current relationship fucks up, a spinless motorhead who gets controlled by their girlfriend and smokes 50 a day to hide the pain but also gives away free tobacco to anyone and everyone who asks as he just wants friends the 5th person in the group is the good looking one, the prince charming if you will. Despite him seeming normal in public once he's out of the public eye and you are 1-on-1 he is the weirdest person of the group. The final person would be someone that from a distance seems innocent and a teacher's pet in many ways but once you get to know them they are very dark and slightly slutty.
Did you see that Jabboa on the corner?
by Jabboa November 05, 2018
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