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Jabarimooe is an aura that increases your talent in games, especialy fps's or First Person Shooters, it is extremely rare and you must not be arrogant that you have Jabarimooe, for if you do, it will leave. I've experianced Jabarimooe in the following games:
Halo 2 and 3
Star wars Battlefront 2
LotD 2 Two Towers
Call of Duty Finest hour and 3
Ghost Recon
Soldier Front
and Perfect Dark
Scenario 1
Jabarimooe: duck, shoot, left, right, jump, shoot,grenade, duck, shoot, ect.
Host of Jabarimooe: wow i'm PWNING!!! You guys SUCK at this game
(Jabarimooe leaves)
Other guy: Lol I jus' killed u!!!

Scenario 2
Jabarimooe: up, left, attack, block, attack, attack,dodge, duck, attack
Host: Whoa I must have Jabarimooe...
other guy: aaaarrrgh!!! you beat me!!!
by Halo 3 God March 22, 2008
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