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God is Man and Woman!
Ja•Ma•r•lan; noun; Ja, another name for God as in"I am Ya weh, (Ja weh)." Ma, short for mother in many worldwide civilizations. R, short for are. LAN ,universal word referring to a man or woman or beast. With respect, together they cumulate into "JaMarlan" , God, Mother are Man/woman/beast. Which translates further into God Mother Man Woman and Beast or God before Woman Man And Beast or God is Mother, Man and Beast.

In further translations could mean God is Mother (man and woman). Or Sex God eluding to the JaMa"R"lan. "R" , can be recognized as being perverse via; speech and behavior and /or related to sex via; intercourse and nudity and/or adult language.
by MarloolraM January 27, 2018
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