A service provided to family and friends of inmates incarcerated in state, county and federal correction facilities.
Qua: and yeah, the bitch tried to change the password on JPay so i can't email him!
me: damn, that's fucked up.
by dvaad February 11, 2011
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(Corrlinks)A communication program in the judical system that allows inmates to contact their loved ones.(Jpay) A program that allows you to put money in inmates accounts
I was talking through the corrlink to Devante and Devante sent me a rack through Jpay. THANK GOD FOR THAT CORRLINKS AND JPAY
by KingDb16 April 6, 2017
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jpay is what jail inmates use as currency to buy things and make phone calls and transfer money or email
it is used as a term in a variety of ways in regards to several different things involving prison inmates.
Young Snap cant get no soups and tuna's because he on jpay and he ran out.

Hold it down while im gone , imma tap in wit you on jpay.
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