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A West African delicacy always made best by Ghanaians simply because Nigerians are jealous of Ghanaians' naturally unique ability to perform a much better tasting jollof rice
My grandpa is currently in serious care in the hospital after having a heart attack after his consumption of NIGERIAN JOLLOF Rice. This would NEVER be the case if he had consumed GHANAIAN JOLLOF Rice . GHANA IS ALWAYS THE BESTTTT OVER NIGERIA!!!
by Ya seellzyy nig January 05, 2019
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So there are like many types personally Ghanaian is a bit iffy Nigerian is peng but Sierra Leone jollof is the pengest yk cause it originates from there. I think the Nigerians took the recipe and mastered it then the Ghanaians messed it up a lil
“Man that jollof rice at the party was peng!”
“Ik my mum made it!” Jollof is penngggg
by IthinkMotomotolikedyouxd March 30, 2019
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JOLLOF RICE is an west African delicacy served best by Nigerians unlike Ghanaians Nigerians have taste whilst Ghanaians serve watery soup with uncooked rice. It is a known fact that Nigerians serve the best Jollof rice.
Mmmmm this Nigerian Jollof rice is delicious.

Uggg this Ghanaian Jollof rice is disgusting.
by Africlove December 28, 2018
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Amazing dish cooked to perfection by Ghanaian people on the other hand our bitter rivals Nigeria are so deadddddd and clearly have a lack of skill 🤣🤣🤣
Jollof rice is a delicious meal
by Kaleb79875 December 28, 2018
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Never ask a Nigerian to make you jollof rice; that if you're not looking for a way to end your life. They will serve you crusty dry ass uncooked white rice with ketchup and no spice. I had some and swear to god I had food poisoning
They don't even say it right . Like what the hell is Jellof it's Jollof rice ok. Like swallow your pride and accept facts.
by WannaSpriteCranberry December 29, 2018
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Jollof rice is a type of rice that is based mainly in the west of African mainly in Ghana and Nigeria the dish has been widespread across the continent and maybe even the world Ghanaian jollof is better than Nigerian jollof those who say it isn’t have less brain cells than a cabbage, and are part of the juju community of Nigeria.
Ghanaian jollof rice is better than juju jollof rice
by E2saucyy December 29, 2018
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