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JJR is a slang word featured in the rap song catch flight by Kodak black meaning the "result of a broken Chinese thrift shop condom and a failed taco truck abortion" A JJR is usually disabled in some way as a result of surviving an abortion. These disabilities can range from social awkwardness and the appearance of a duck to being stuck in a wheelchair and getting a pity job at the local civic center as a overseer of athletic activities. Also, a JJR for some reason seems to get hoes without trying but always screws it up as a result of their social awkwardness
Did you see that JJR over there? He just fired that 14 year old referee for "Creeping on the girls while refereeing the 2nd grade floor hockey game" He was like GET OUT NEVER COME BACK!
by TheMikeyG007 January 14, 2017
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