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Legendary Graffiti Writer/ Artist from New York City. Known for the destruction of the "Saber AWR" Giant piece in LA. Best known for All City/Country bombing, plus guest apperances of his name in the backgrounds of films such as Rocky IV, many IDF in NYC, police chase Videos broadcasted nationally and much much more. He is king of graffiti along side with other graffiti legends and kings of graffiti.
JA one is king. Sane (RIP), Smith, VFR, Sen 4, JD One, Archer, Web 113, Ghost, Reas, Ket, Ven, Cope 2, Simonsez, Gano, Skuf, Kez 5, Chino, Cro 1, Dera, Duel, Bruz for exampl. Ja has soldiers everywhere. All Boroughs All City
A legend for;
JA over toy graffiti writers, JA versus Soni and Slick legendary beef, JA returns to bomb again, JA is at the top of his league, Children Bed Time Stories;
If you write your name wrong, JA One will go over you (That is what we will be telling the babies before they go and write their names on any wall,
JA One; XTC= Xterminating Toy Chumps.
by The Optick One January 21, 2007
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