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Sneaking up on a girl in the shower and peeing on her.
Mac: dude, last night i totally busted in the shower and j-wanged my girlfriend, it was funny as shit.

Charlie: you have problems.
by the wheelman cometh April 01, 2011
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1) Someone who tries to online date people a minimum of 5 years younger than he is.

2) Someone who lives in his parents basement playing video games, only coming out to refill his lotion bottle or to buy more tissues.
1) Jwang, aka "The Pbe Pedophile", is up for a challenge whether she wants it or not.

2) WTF was that noise down stairs? Sounded like a Jwang!?
by HateIsBad October 26, 2015
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1) n. One who is or aspires to be a yuppie.

2. v. To do actions typical of a yuppie.

Tom: "Look at that guy... he thinks he's so cool with his cell phone.."
Carlos: "Yeah.. what a wang!"
by Cancan March 24, 2003
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