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Similar to "K-Fed" aka Kevin Federline, it's a nickname for a guy named Joseph Allquist who attends Mount Baker Middle School (MBMS) in Mount Vernon, Washington. He's on the MBMS Science Olympiad team, which happened to make it to state finals recently. It was at state finals, where of which he took off his shirt to swim in the pool at the hotel their team was staying the night at, that he revealed his horrifying nipples to the world. They were these lumpy oval-shaped things that bulged out of his body. Ever since his nasty secret was discovered, everyone he knows has referred to him as J-Nips. And now the rest of the world can too.
"Woah, look at J-Nips disfigured nipples!" or "Dude I just threw up from looking at J-Nips nipples."
by Legit_316 April 12, 2010
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