Inserting a pinky into a females rectum durring intercourse, in the motion of the American Sign Language "J"
Alex totally J hooked that slut last night!
by Drop Hard August 13, 2010
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A penis bending sideways, looking like the letter J.
Ryan could piss around a corner because his dick is a fucking J hook.

"yeah, I guess he wouldn't have a problem fucking his cat either"
by dobrom Bramis January 22, 2009
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A turd that drops into a toilet and falls into the shape of a J.
Wow that was some J Hook Gill!
by T R A August 20, 2007
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To curl your finger in a J shape and use it to lift someone's breast in an upward motion. Usually only done to fat kids or girls with big boobs.
My Girl friend annoyed me so much today, I had no choice but to J Hook her so hard her boob hit her in the face.
by take1 May 19, 2008
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When a man's boner bends to one direction, resembling a 'J'
Johnny's j-hook bends far to the right.
by Ross D October 9, 2007
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A penis that curves or makes a sharp turn part way through the penis
Dude I was watching a porno last night and the guy had a massive j hook!
by forumlogins May 20, 2008
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A "J" Hook is when you incert you finger, most commonly the middle finger, into a womans vaginia and curve it upwards to form a J. You then preced to tickle the womans G-Spot until the female sits up, grabs you be the ears, and screams "FUCK ME, NOW".
Daniel gave Melissa the J-Hook last night. See cummed all over the new bed sheets and could not walk because her legs were so weak.
by 1hank1 March 16, 2007
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