Absolutely fantastic and Aleesha doesn't have a clue
Wow Woody your middle names James you're fantastic

Oh that's because J Guy's are fantastic and Aleesha doesn't have a clue
by Jwoody101 April 30, 2021
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J guys are males you want to stay away from in a relationship. They have traits like anger issues, cheating, ignoring, self centered, and show no emotions. They can act like they care very well. J guys will use you until you aren’t useful anymore to them, then they will walk away easily. I advise you to stay away from J guys. Don’t be fooled by them.
“I think I really like this guy!”
Oh dang really? What’s his name?”
“Oh. I’m sorry but he’s a J guy, you should walk away before it’s too late”
by BadBJay March 8, 2020
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