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1. Izzi's blades.

1e. An extreme form of affirmation in the direction of a source or service. Popular retail presentation style categorized by hands in a rigid flat angle with the thumbs turned into the palm. When presenting something at low levels, the palm is often curved in the shape of a cup.

2. A biblical weapon of great power used to vanquish the evils of retail.

See also small box cutting knife, etc.
"Dude, I harnessed the power of the Izziblades to show a customer Photo Booth on the iMac, powered by the Giles Jack."

Customer: "Dude, are you out of Izziblades?"
Sales Professional: "No, but we do have Izzi shades, with Snow Kitty compatibility!"
Customer: "Leet."
by Izzi Blades March 05, 2011
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