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Used to define a girl who is reminiscent of an 18th Century dame living in a home with several other sisters and her parents. She is often eccentric and may thus be called "Izia: L'eccentrique!" She may or may not also be mildly retarded. Izias tend to have musical inclinations, especially with the viola.
Did you see that milkmaid girl at Sturbridge Village wandering around with that dumb expression on her face? She was such an Izia.

Look at that silly bird, walkin' round like he's an Izia.

Oh, you don't want to marry THAT one, she's the Izia of the family, rather eccentrique.

That pre-college girl plays like an Izia.

My parents thought I was retarded until I was 5...turns out I was just an Izia
by Framboisey February 12, 2010
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