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Izac is a super sexy confident gut with trust issues. Izac is all talk most of the time but when your his girl he puts you before everyone but not in a good way he forgets about everyone that really loves him and gets irritable when others reach out to him. Izac has also been through a lot and isn't afraid to tell people about it. He's angry most of the time sadly. He's really hard to not fall in love with and once you do you always want to see him and he will be the highlight or your life from there on out...even after he breaks your heart.
Girl1:I miss izac

Girl2: we all do
by itotallygetit24 August 05, 2016
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izac is good-looking. Izac Is mixed race. Izac has black hair. Izac Is sassy and a Big Boy. Izac has a beautiful cat called Mitten.
You wish you were as sassy as Izac.
by not Izac September 07, 2016
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Izac is my brother. Izac is blonde. Izac has blue eyes. Izac is 9. Izac is tall. Izac likes to dirtbike. Izac likes to snowmobile, & Izac likes to 4 wheel.
by Phillymelt April 15, 2009
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Izac is an absolute CUNT. If you you know an Izac you should just suck that muffman. Izac is also a Geeza who eats pus and likes fat top.
Guy one- “Yo that nig is a fucking Cuntbag
Guy two - “yeah he’s a real Izac “
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by not Izac June 01, 2018
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