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Iyinoluwa is a pretty girl thay everyone around her appreciate in their lives, she is talented,she is outgoing,she will reply to any of ur text,she is smart,she is creative likes to bring up new ideas,like to hide her feelings in other not to show people, only when u get to know her u know what she is passing through, would not judge u no matter what, she will always bring up a topic ,she is friendly,everyone loves her,she smiles a lot , she is respectful,kind
She cares for anyone. She loves her friends and would not want to loose them,she is playfull, she someone u want to be around with u can never get tired of talking to her. She loves her family, she is an amazing girl.
She is a good writer. She is full of wisdom she gives good advices all the time.
Guys can't keep their eyes away from her but she does not notice that. She has the most beautiful eyes. She is not proud at all. She is opmisstic. She does not want to get her heart broken, she is focused person, she has small stature she is an athletic person especially involve in track, she sometimes does not believe in herself, but people do believe in her.she is hard working.
Have u met iyinoluwa?
by Ruthie@dat's me July 21, 2018
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