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ItaloBrothers is a German dance group, the band consists of three members named Zacharias Adrian, Kristian Sandberg and Matthias Metten (vocalist). Mistakenly "ItaloBrothers" are often classified as a band from Italy, because of their name.

The band was founded in November 2005. Their record label is Zooland Records, which also has stars like Cascada and Tune Up! under contract. The musical style of "ItaloBrothers" is comparable with Italian dance bands or artists like Bloom 06, Prezioso (feat. Marvin), Floorfilla, Gigi D'Agostino, Gabry Ponte or the owner of their signed label, DJ Manian. Because of their Italian style they became famous in the Italian dance community. "So Small" is the only single available on CD. Otherwise, they are only released on vinyl, as legal internet download or on several German & Italian dance compilations. Beside their main work as producers & performers, "ItaloBrothers" is also active as a remixer for other bands such as Cascada and Floorfilla. In May 2007 they released an E.P. on vinyl including the songs: "Counting Down The Days", "Colours Of The Rainbow" and "Moonlight Shadow". Their single Stamp on the Ground is one of their best songs created ever, their music videos often portray beautiful women dancing in a club like scenario and the vocalist Matthias Metten is usually the main focus of the video. Their latest track is "Love is on Fire".
Corbs:Hey did you hear the new ItaloBrothers track?

Dicez:Yeah, Love is on Fire?!

Corbs:Yeah sick song eh?

Dicez:Dirty songg!!
by italofratello#1 April 04, 2010
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