Da ultimate total-bu**s**t excuse for not doing something dat any reasonable/responsible person should do, merely for da purpose of selfishly shirking a basic duty to your fellow humans because you're too lazy/cowardly/self-centered to do so.
"It's against my religion" is the total "anti-Christ" (i.e., the exact opposite religion-based statement) in every way to the equally-disgraceful, "It's God's will" coercing-statement --- while this latter phrase attempts to insensitively pressure someone else to perform/allow an action that he strongly dislikes/disapproves of, the former statement is said in an equally-thoughtless attempt to "acceptably" get out of performing an action which the speaker himself does **not** want to do.
by QuacksO May 21, 2019
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I'm not going to participate or comply because I'm going to give you a lame excuse, it's against my religion. Waving off anything you don't want to do and blaming it on your belief system.
I can't do the housework because it's against my religion.

I can't bake you a same-sex wedding cake because it's against my religion.
by Dunham-all June 4, 2018
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