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A person witha phobia of Islam to the point of absurdity.Often an Islamphobiatard attacks Islam with comparisons to the Bible.They cherrypick the bad verses of Quran and the wonderful verses of the Bible while ignoring the peaceful verses of Islam and violent verses in the Bible.They also tend to cherrypick in history, alway selecting acts of terror committed by Muslim fundamentalist to support the notioon that Islam is a violent religion while ignoring the advancements and peaceful times that Islam and its followers brought.They also ignore terrorist acts committed by Christians in the past such as the Inquisition and genocide of Muslims in Yugoslavia.

When one attempts to debate with Islamophobiatards in a logical unbiased manner, often a shitstorm will always occur. Islamophobiatards get very angry one states the various terrorist acts committed by Christians in the past and violent verses in the Bible in a debate of whether Islam is violent or not, and they will often use ad hominems against unbiased debaters such as "(You or said person's name) should be exiled to Iran!" or "(You or said person's name) are secretly aiding Muslim terrorists" despite the fact you actually remained unbiased throughout the debate and are simply stating facts as they are.

Islamophobiatards tend to also be patriotards.
Many patriotards also tend to be Islamophobiatards
by CounterSwarmer July 22, 2011
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