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Islamonormativity, n. 1. The collective perception commonly found in Islamic societies that all people a) are Muslim; and b) if they are not Muslim, they ought to *be* Muslim.

2. The collective expectation that children must be raised Muslim (a special case of the general prejudice found among believers of hereditary religion) and a feeling of failure if one’s children choose other paths.

3. The collective fear of lapsed Muslims or ex-Muslims, present to the extent that their very existence must be denied.

4. The collective social expectation that all individuals must be enthusiastically interested in, for instance, praying publicly in the Muslim way, especially on Fridays, or fasting in Ramadan, even if it’s summer and the fasts are up to 14 or more hours long, and generally tend to destroy everyone’s productivity.
Because of the Islamonormativity in Pakistan, whenever the Muslim month of Ramadan comes rolling around, people in workplaces will generally assume that everyone is keeping lengthy fasts, regardless of whether they're Muslim or not.
by observingmystic September 03, 2009
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