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Islamniac – 2008 - American - refers to a believer of the great prophet Muhammad who suffers from peculiar mental disorders because of a presumed genetically derived inability to sleep a full night. Frequently, people who suffer from islamnia can be seen prostrated on any floor and any time begging Divine Mind’s forgiveness for usurping love and in its place giving back non-love, often in concordance with comatose states of being. Origin LA Via Bagdad.
Only an Islamniac could justify, with his fatigued, hence, deranged mind that taking the life of another, (especially a female who is the Muslim world's first woman leader, a leader who posesses the worlds most highly treasured virtue, compassionate intelligence,)a totally acceptable course of action to take. A promise made from a doubtful integrity and perverse humanness says; "to kill, to die, to martyr, is a ticket to 72 virgin deaths."; or some such astonishing belief. It is well known throughout the hills of Mesopotamia that Muhammad is thought by most people in the know to be pretty much devastated over this pretty much most of the time.
by Scott Utley LA-CA December 28, 2007
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